After a payment method is added to the list of available, a store admin can edit it to, e.g., change the payment configuration settings, disable or completely delete this payment from the list. Payments maintenance is performed on the “Payment Methods” page of your store Admin area (Store Setup -> Payment Methods):


Editing Existing Payment Methods

It is possible to edit previously added payment methods.

To edit an existing method:

1. On the Payment settings page (Store setup > Payment methods) locate a payment method that needs to be edited and click on the Configure button for this payment method.


2. Edit the settings.

3. Click Save changes.

The payment method settings will be updated.

Enabling / Disabling Payment Methods

You can change the availability of a payment method by switching the INACTIVE/ACTIVE toggle to the right of its name.


Deleting Payment Methods

To remove a payment method from your store’s payment methods list, click on the Trash icon below the method name.


Sorting Payments On the Storefront

Using the Names, Descriptions & Sorting tab of the “Payment methods” page of your store Admin area (Store Setup -> Payment Methods), it’s possible to set the payments order of appearance on the storefront and provide titles and edit descriptions of the payment methods available in your store.


By default, all Online methods come first, but you can change the payments order if required by drag-n-dropping them to the right position.


Also, you can add a payment description and/or change the name of a payment that displays to customers.


Don’t forget to Save changes when done.

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