X-Cart implements all online payment methods as installable payment integration add-ons. Typically, a newly installed X-Cart store will have some payment integration add-ons installed out of the box.

Online Payments List

Depending on the software version you use, you can check the list of pre-installed online payment methods either on the Payment Methods or Payments page of your store Admin area.

  • X-Cart 5.4.x - Store Setup > Payment Methods > Condfiguration

  • X-Cart 5.5.x - Store Management > Payments > Methods

It also allows checking the list of all online payment methods available for installation and setup in your store. Use the Add payment method button for this purpose.


This button reveals a popup box with the list of all payment methods available in your store:


You can find out the status of each method by the type of button displayed opposite the method name on the right-hand side of the list:

  • Settings: This button allows you to access the method settings page to adjust the method name, description, and other configuration settings and activate/deactivate the method.

  • Add: This button allows adding the method to your payment methods list and accessing the method settings page with one click.

    Note: After adding any online method to the list, you will still need to configure it.

  • Install: This button allows you to download the payment integration add-on from the Marketplace and install it to enable the chosen payment method.

Adding Online Payment Methods

To start using an online payment method:

  1. If the payment integration add-on you require is installed and enabled, check the online payments list for the respective payment method:

    • X-Cart 5.4.x - Store Setup > Payment Methods > Configuration

    • X-Cart 5.5.x - Store Management > Payments> Methods

  2. If a payment method is not in the list, click the Add payment method button.

    • X-Cart 5.4

    • X-Cart 5.5

  3. Locate the payment method you require and click the Add (or Install) button opposite its name.


    If you select a payment method with the Add button, the payment settings page will open, where you can proceed with the further payment configuration.

    If you select a payment method with an Install button, first X-Cart App Store will open for the payment installation, and then you will see the payments settings page for further configuration.

  4. Configure the newly added payment method. Use either Configure or Settings for this purpose.

    Note: The system will not let you enable a misconfigured payment method.

  5. Enable the payment method using the INACTIVE/ACTIVE toggle.


That is all. The payment method is active and ready to use.

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