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Amazon Pay Integration

A general overview of the Amazon Pay payment solution.

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X-Cart’s Amazon Pay add-on can help you integrate your X-Cart store with Amazon Pay. This payment service enables buyers to pay in your online store using the payment and shipping information already stored in their existing Amazon accounts. The interaction of buyers with Amazon Pay occurs in embedded widgets to complete the checkout process without ever leaving your website. In addition, Amazon Pay offers a seamless and hassle-free mobile payment experience across devices, including Kindle, iOS, and Android.

The Amazon Pay add-on for X-Cart 5 supports two types of integration:

  • Amazon Pay Checkout v1 - for X-Cart versions 5.1.0.х - 5.5.0.x;

  • Amazon Pay Checkout v2 - for X-Cart versions 5.5.1.x.

For detailed information on the Amazon Pay Checkout v1 integration, see:

For detailed information on the Amazon Pay Checkout v2 integration, see:

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