It is recommended to uninstall (delete) any add-ons that you do not use to facilitate the overall store performance.

To uninstall an add-on you are not planning to use further follow the guides below:

1. In your store’s Admin area, click My Add-ons to open the My Apps page of the X-Cart App Store:

2. On the My Apps page, locate one or several add-ons that need to be uninstalled. Click on the add-on name to see details.

3. On the add-on details, click the ‘Trash’ icon.

4. The add-on is automatically marked for further alterations and adds to the list of selected add-ons:

5. Click Apply changes.

This starts the add-on uninstallation process. Once your store has been redeployed, the add-on will be removed from your store.

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