X-Cart Multivendor is X-Cart with a bunch of Multivendor-specific add-ons. These add-ons modify the feature set of X-Cart transforming it into a marketplace that can be used simultaneously by multiple sellers.

The most important add-on of this bunch is Multi-vendor. It is the core of the Multivendor solution; you will not be able to run a Multivendor marketplace without it. This add-on introduces a new type of X-Cart users - “vendors” (sellers), an interface for vendor registration and approval, an option for the store administrator to choose one of two store operation modes (Warehouse/Vendors as separate shops), a dedicated area of the store back end where vendors can manage their product catalog and get access to orders, payment transactions and statistics, and so on.

There are also a few other add-ons recommended for use with X-Cart Multivendor. Some of them are strictly specific to the Multivendor package because they depend on the core Multi-vendor add-on and cannot be used without it (like Trusted/Non-trusted vendors). Others are add-ons that have Multivendor-related features (like Order messages). You are not required to have all these add-ons installed and enabled in your store; just choose the ones you require for your business.

Here is a brief overview of the add-ons typically used to build a Multivendor store (in addition to the add-on Multi-vendor):

  • Trusted/Non-trusted vendors: This add-on enables the store administrator to mark vendors as trusted and non-trusted. Any products added by vendors with the status “Trusted vendor” will be visible to your store visitors right away, whereas the products of non-trusted vendors will appear on the storefront only after they have been approved by the administrator. For more information on this add-on, see Trusted/Non-trusted Vendors.

  • Messages: This add-on is not just for Multivendor; it can be used on single-seller X-Cart stores just as well. We are listing it here because it provides some Multivendor-specific features when used with X-Cart Multivendor. This add-on enhances the communication system in your store by providing an opportunity for the customers, the store administrator and the vendors to start a conversation or dispute about an order right from the Order details page. A well-thought-out notification system ensures that no message will be left unread. In Multivendor, the add-on also allows store visitors to start messaging with the sellers before they make a purchase; they can initiate a conversation right on the sellers’ pages on the storefront. For more information on this add-on, see Messages Add-on: Usage with Multivendor.

  • Product Tags: This add-on is compatible with Multivendor. It enables the store administrator and vendors to add tags by which products can be easily found by shoppers. For more information on this add-on, see Product Tags: Usage with Multivendor

  • Product Filter: This add-on works equally well for single-seller and multivendor X-Cart stores. In X-Cart Multivendor it may be of use to enable filtering of products by the vendor. For more information on this add-on, see Product Filter: Usage with Multivendor

  • Coupons: This add-on is also not just for Multivendor, but it needs to be mentioned here because in Multivendor it enables vendors to create and manage discount coupons. More information on this add-on is available in the section Coupons: Usage with Multivendor.

  • Product Questions: Can be used in Multivendor and non-Multivendor stores; enables communication between the shoppers and the store staff (administrators and vendors) by allowing an exchange of questions and answers with regard to individual products. More information on this add-on is available in the section Product Questions: Usage with Multivendor.

  • AvaTax Sales Tax Automation: Another add-on intended not exclusively for Multivendor, but fits Multivendor-enabled marketplaces just as well as single-seller X-Cart stores. This add-on is intended for tax calculation, and it provides the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to calculate sales tax, manage tax exemptions and file returns via Avalara’s service. For more information on this add-on, see AvaTax Sales Tax Automation: Usage with Multivendor

  • PayPal: An add-on package that includes all X-Cart’s PayPal payment method integrations, with PayPal for Marketplaces among them. In the context of X-Cart Multivendor, this add-on will be of great help for stores in need of a solution to automatically distribute the incoming payments from the buyers between the store owner and the vendors. For more information on this add-on, see PayPal for Marketplaces: Overview

If an add-on you are looking to use is not installed in your store, check the X-Cart App Store.

For general add-on installation instructions, see Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

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