The add-on Product reviews can be used to enable customers to rate products and add product reviews. In addition to that, in a Multivendor X-Cart store, this add-on can be used to display vendor rating based on the product ratings of a respective vendor.

Specifically, vendor rating information that is based on products ratings can be found on the vendor page and in the vendor information block on the pages of specific products:

Vendor page

Product details page

Product details page


Further below you will find more information on the use of “Product reviews” with X-Cart Multivendor.

Product Reviews: Multivendor-specific Configuration

In a Multivendor X-Cart store, the add-on “Product reviews” affects a couple of settings on the Multi-vendor settings page.

In the section Appearance, the settings that require the attention of the store administrator are as follows:

  • Base vendor rating on: This setting affects the way vendor ratings are formed.

The default value for the setting “Base vendor rating on” is “detailed categorized rating”; it means that the rating of each vendor is formed of the star ratings provided by customers evaluating the level of service they got from the vendor from the following viewpoints:

  • whether the item they received is as described;

  • whether the communication with the vendor was problem-free;

  • whether the shipping speed was fast enough.

In Multivendor stores configured to work in the “Warehouse” mode, vendor shipping speed is not rated because in this mode vendors are not responsible for the shipping of items to buyers.

An alternative to “detailed categorized rating” is “product rating”. “Product rating” means that the ratings of specific vendors are formed as a result of an aggregation of ratings given by customers to the products sourced from those vendors.

Detailed categorized rating” is a feature available by default in all Multivendor stores; there is no need in the Product reviews add-on to use it: your customers will be able to rate the level of service they have got as soon as their order gets the status 'Delivered'. The “product rating” feature, however, relies on the Product reviews add-on. If you want to base your vendor ratings on the ratings of vendor products, you will require the Product reviews add-on (and, accordingly, you will need to set “Base vendor rating on” to “product rating”).

We recommend using the “detailed categorized rating” option for tangible goods and the “product rating” option - for digital goods.

  • Show vendor rating: This setting determines whether vendor ratings should be shown on the storefront:

    • on the vendor page;

    • in the vendor information block on the page listing the vendor’s products.

    If the setting is set to "On", ratings are shown; if it is set to "Off", ratings are collected but not shown on the storefront.

In the section Privacy and access, the settings that need to be adjusted by the store administrator are as follows:

  • Allow vendors to approve, reject and edit product ratings and reviews

  • Allow vendors to reply to product ratings and reviews

These settings enable the store administrator to adjust the permissions that vendor users should have with regard to the ratings and reviews given by customers to their products. (These settings do not, however, provide vendors with permission to edit or delete their vendor rating). If the store administrator wishes to allow vendors to handle their own ratings and reviews by themselves, they need to make sure the respective options are enabled.

Product Reviews: Multivendor Store Administrator Experience

The store administrator has full control over the “Product reviews” add-on as a component of their Multivendor store. They can enable/disable this component via the Installed Add-ons section and adjust the add-on settings via the settings pages for both the “Product Reviews” and “Multi-vendor” add-ons. See Configuring Product reviews for more details.

The administrator also has control over the email notifications pertaining to vendor ratings and product reviews and can manage them via the Email notifications section (Store setup > Email notifications). At present, there are three notifications for vendor ratings and product reviews:

  • Request to review purchased products - (Product Reviews add-on)

  • New product review submitted - (Product Reviews add-on)

The administrator can view, edit and delete product reviews and ratings via the Reviews section (Catalog > Reviews):

Product Reviews: Vendor Experience

Vendors with appropriate permissions can view and work with their products’ rating information in the section Reviews (Catalog > Reviews):

If necessary, they can filter/search for specific ratings by customer name or date range. They also can approve/unapprove and export any ratings that have been provided by customers with regard to their orders.

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