The PayPal Checkout payment method in X-Cart integrates the PayPal Commerce Platform via the PayPal add-on.

The PayPal Commerce Platform (PPCP) merges the following former PayPal payment solutions:

  • PayPal Payments Standard

  • PayPal Payments Advanced

  • PayPal Payflow Link

  • PayPal Express Checkout

  • PayPal Credit

  • PayPal Partner Hosted with PCI Compliance

With PPCP, a unique payment button technology dynamically selects the best suitable payment method for each buyer. No matter which payment method the buyer chooses, all payments are received into one source, allowing easy withdrawal and consolidated reporting.

Enabling PayPal Checkout

To start accepting payments with PayPal Commerce Platform in your X-Cart store:

  1. Make sure the PayPal add-on is installed and enabled in your X-Cart store.

  2. In your X-Cart store's Admin area, go to the "Payment Methods" page (Store Setup > Payment Methods) and click Add payment method in the Online methods section:


  3. In the popup box that appears, find the name of the PayPal Checkout payment method and click Add opposite this item:


    The PayPal Checkout settings page will open for further payment configuration.

  4. Connect to your PayPal account or sign up if you don't have an account with PayPal so far on the payment setting page. Select the option that suits you:


    If you select to sign up with PayPal, follow the procedure it offers you.

  5. On the PayPal site, enter your PayPal email and password to sign in or register a new PayPal account if required:


    Follow the flow allowing your PayPal account to connect to your X-Cart store.

    As a result, your PayPal account should connect to your X-Cart store with your PayPal account details submitted automatically to the "PayPal Checkout" page of your store Admin area.


Congrats! The payment is enabled, and you can start accepting payments with PayPal.

Now you can move on with the advanced payment configuration.

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