The settings of the PayPal Checkout payment method allow a store admin to maintain the layout of PayPal buttons and badge in the storefront, add extra security to payment processing, set a preferred transaction type in the store, and enable the funding methods available for customers.

Defining Preferred Transaction Type

PayPal Checkout payment method allows a merchant to check transaction requests before the actual payment is done. This is possible through the usage of the Transaction type option in the “Additional settings” section of the PayPal Checkout settings page. This section also allows a merchant to set the mode the payment should function in.


If you set the value of the Transaction type option to Auth only, you will have to process each transaction manually. Use this variant if you need to have a possibility to void orders. If you set the value to Auth and Capture, all transactions will process automatically.

The Test/Live mode option defines the operating mode of the payment function. If you want to test payment transactions before making your store live, set the operation mode to Test.

Adding Extra Security to Payment Transactions

A store admin can add extra security to the PayPal Checkout payment transactions by enabling the 3D Secure option in the “Additional settings” section of the PayPal Checkout page.


When enabled, this allows a merchant to provide Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) required in some EU countries.

It also allows configuring what should be done to transactions with undefined risk factors by 3D Secure. If a merchant wants to continue with the authorization and assume liability, the "Authentication bypassed / unavailable liability shift" option should be set to Accept. If assuming liability is not an option, select the Decline value. The system will ask a buyer for another card in this case.

Maintaining PayPal Buttons and Badge

PayPal Checkout payment allows a store admin to show or hide the PayPal buttons and badge in the storefront and to customize the appearance of the buttons.

Generally, the "Buy Now with PayPal" button and "Now Accepting PayPal" badge come enabled in the storefront right after the payment is configured and activated.

The “Buy Now with PayPal” button displays on product list pages (in list view) and product details pages.


The “Now Accepting PayPal” badge displays in the header in the storefront.


To disable the features, turn off the toggles of the like-named options in the “Additional settings” section of the PayPal Checkout page.


To customize the appearance of the PayPal buttons, use the property chart on the “Customize the PayPal button” page of PayPal Checkout settings:


Enabling Funding Methods for Customers

A store admin can define whether multiple funding sources should be available for customers or not. By default, all available funding sources come enabled as soon as the PayPal Checkout payment is activated:


When enabled, PayPal automatically determines which additional buttons are appropriate to display for customers at checkout.

However, you can choose to opt-in or out-of displaying specific funding sources if required. For this purpose, use the Funding methods settings on the “Customize the PayPal button” page of PayPal Checkout settings.

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