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Installing Language Packages
Installing Language Packages

Learn how to add extra languages to your store.

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You can add more languages to your store by installing one or more language packs. A language pack (also called a translation add-on, a translation package, or simply a translation) is a .csv file that contains text label values defined for a specific language. Some language packs are available as add-ons in the X-Cart App Store.

To install a language pack from the X-Cart App Store:

  1. In your store's Admin area, select My Add-ons.

  2. Use the search bar to locate the language pack you require. For example, search for "translation" to find all language package add-ons in the X-Cart App Store.

  3. Install and activate a language package the same way as any other add-on from the X-Cart App Store. See Installing Add-ons from the X-Cart App Store for details.

Once you have more than one language installed and enabled, language selectors will add both to the Admin and Customer areas of your X-Cart store.

  • Admin area

  • Customer storefront

Try switching the language, and you should see at least some of the words and phrases on the page you are viewing translated to the selected language.

For example, here's what the Admin area home page looks like after switching the interface's language to German. Note the language code "DE" in the language selector:

Despite that the page displays using the German translation, it still contains many English words. That happens because pieces of text in X-Cart, like names of UI sections, various notes, comments, and error messages, are all stored as text labels. A text label has a name to reference from a template or program code. A translation is a value of the label defined for a specific language. When there is a need to display a piece of text on a page, X-Cart selects a respective text label from the database and determines which of its translations need to show based on the language currently selected for viewing the page. If, for some reason, the value of the label for the selected language is missing, X-Cart displays the label value for the default language (English). If the label value for the default language is also missing, the label name displays instead.

Hence if a translation you installed is not complete (which is the case with all community translations), you can finish it by editing the respective text labels or changing the text of the chosen page directly in the store interface.

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