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Translating Product Catalog via Admin Area
Translating Product Catalog via Admin Area

Learn what tools to use in your store Admin area to translate a product catalog.

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X-Cart keeps the store text content in labels, and product catalog content is not an exception. Therefore, to translate your store catalog into another language, you will need to add text labels and their values in another language for the respective labels in English, e.g., category and product names, category and product descriptions, etc.

Before translating your product catalog, ensure you installed the respective language pack.

If you need to translate or edit the existing translation of one or several products or categories, you can do this directly in the store's Admin area.

For this purpose:

  1. Locate a product or category you need to translate and open its details page:


  2. Switch the language of the Admin area to the target language of your translation:


  3. Add missing descriptions on the target language:


  4. Save the changes.

That's it! After you switch the language, the product/category details will display in the required language.

Use this method to translate product and category details, product classes and attributes, product tabs, tags, and brands.

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