Layout Editor (X-Cart 5.4.x and earlier)

Learn about the tool that allows for the repositioning of the default layout elements directly on the storefront

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Layout Editor is a tool of the Theme Tweaker add-on that enables you to edit a page layout. For example, you can drag‑n‑drop the info blocks to change their position using this tool. It can also help you change the store logo, favicon, and Apple icon, if necessary.

To start using the tool, open the storefront while logged in as an administrator. You should see the Theme Tweaker panel at the bottom. Next, locate the Layout Editor tab and click on it.


You will see the tool panel divided into three blocks:

  • Storefront layout

  • Logo & Favicon

  • [N] disabled blocks

By using the "Storefront layout" and "[N] disabled blocks" sections, you can adjust the layout elements on the page that is currently open. In addition, you can use the "Logo & Favicon" section to apply changes storewide.

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