In an X-Cart store, all email notifications have a header, a greeting, and a signature that differ depending on the user type a message is sent to. These settings are configured storewide and can be edited via the Header, greeting & signature section of the Store setup -> Email notifications page.


The Header, greeting & signature page is divided into sections depending on the user type:

  • Customer email notification

  • Admin email notification

  • Vendor email notification (added by a Multivendor add-on)

Each section contains the same set of properties that can be configured for all notifications received by a certain type of user:

  • Header: Use this field to add information that should display at the top of the email message.

  • Greeting: Use this field to define a standard greeting to start an email for a user type.

  • Signature: Use this field to define the ending phrase for every email for a user type.

When adjusting the header, greeting, and signature for your store’s email notifications, it is possible to use variables. See more info in Using variables to configure your email notifications.

After changing the settings in the Header, greeting & signature section, be sure to click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page to make changes active.

Below is the text of a sample email notification that contains a default header, greeting, and signature.


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