Your store can detect various types of events and notify users about these events by email. For example, your store sends email notifications when someone creates a user profile, modifies a previously created profile, places an order, and then every time the order status changes, and so on. Some notifications are sent to the store staff (like the site administrator, sales department, customer service, etc.), others - to the customers (namely, the users who placed an order, the users who modified the profile, etc.).

All email notifications are sent automatically.

A store administrator can allow sending only the required notifications and block others using special tools in the store's Admin area. It is also possible to adjust the default notification content to meet particular business needs.

A full list of email notifications available in your store can be found in the Store setup -> Email notifications section of the store's Admin area.


All notifications available in the store can be classified into several types.

The content of all default notifications is editable. This means that a store admin can edit the very message sent to an end-user via email to notify about an event, as well as the message header, greeting, and signature for all store notifications at once.

For a notification to send, it is not enough to activate it in the notifications list. A store admin must previously configure the store email addresses properly and test the email transfer settings to ensure email notifications are delivered to the end-user.

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