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Configuring SMTP Server Connection
Configuring SMTP Server Connection

Learn how to configure your online store to send email notifications via an SMTP server.

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X-Cart allows sending email notifications via SMTP server.

To configure your online store this way:

  1. Enable the "Use SMTP server" toggle in your store Admin area:

    • X-Cart 5.4.x - Store Setup > Email Notifications > Email Transfer Settings

    • X-Cart 5.5.x - Settings > Email Transfer > Configuration

  2. Specify the SMTP server connection details.

    • SMTP server: Specify your SMTP server hostname.

    • SMTP port: Specify your SMTP port. By default, SMTP uses TCP port 25. However, if you use secure SSL/TLS encrypted SMTP, you need to specify your system's correct TCP port number here. Typically, the port number for secure SMTP is 465.

    • Use authentication: Switch on the toggle if you want to use SMTP authentication.

    • Username: Specify your username.

    • Password: Specify your password.

    • Secure connection: In itself, SMTP email transfer doesn't provide encryption, so you may want to use an SSL/TLS extension that employs a separate port for encrypted communication. Use this field to specify the secure connection type.

      For example, you can configure sending email notifications via Gmail SMTP server. For this purpose, set the following parameters:

      • SMTP server: ssl://

      • SMTP port: 465

      • Use authentication: On

      • Username: your-gmail-username

      • Password: your-app-password

      • Secure connection: SSL

  3. Click Submit to save the configuration settings.

If necessary, it is possible to configure background job processing on your server to send emails asynchronously. That should improve your website performance.

Note: Besides SMTP, you can use Mandrill as the default mailer for your store's transactional emails.

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