FROM/REPLY-TO Address Setup

Learn how to configure the FROM/REPLY-TO email addresses for your online store.

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The REPLY-TO address is where the email notification recipient may reply if the need is. The FROM address is the address of the email sender. This address is critical because it significantly affects the deliverability of email messages. To ensure that your store's emails do not end up in the spam folder of your customers' inboxes, you must set the FROM email address correctly.

To adjust the FROM and REPLY-TO fields in the email notifications, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the page to configure the FROM/REPLY-TO settings page in your store Admin area:

    • X-Cart 5.4.x - Store Setup > Email Notifications > Email Transfer Settings

    • X-Cart 5.5.x - Settings > Email Transfer > Configuration

  2. Configure the store's FROM/REPLY-TO settings as follows:

    • Email to use for the FROM field: The field defines the email address used for the FROM field. Select from:

      • Email from the Contact information section: Use this option to set the root site administrator email as the default FROM address.

      • Sender email as identified by the server: If enabled, this option uses the default sender email configured on the server.

      • Email address specified below: Use this option to manually define the FROM email address in case the above two options don't suit.

    • Email to use for the REPLY-to field in customer emails: The field defiles the REPLY-TO addresses for email notifications.

      Note: The values are pre-defined in the Contacts section of your store profile. Click the link "contact information" if you haven't configured the settings yet. The email address for each notification will depend on the type of notification message. For more info on this, see Contact Email Addresses Setup.

    • Email to use for the REPLY-to field in admin emails: The field defines the REPLY-TO addresses for the email notifications sent to the administrator.

      Note: The pre-defined field value is the actual email address of the customer mentioned in the email notification. It works out of the box β€” no need to adjust anything.

  3. Click Submit to save the changes.

You can test the sending of email messages using the email addresses you specified in the FROM/REPLY-TO settings.

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