While configuring your online store, it is necessary to specify the company’s identity and contact information, so your customers know who to contact if they need more information about the products or services or need help with their order. You can do this via the Store Profile page in your X-Cart store Admin area (Store Setup > Store Profile, formerly Contact information), specifically via the sections Identity and Company address:


You can specify a company’s name, website, and incorporation date, as well as the full company address there.

Your full contact information (company name, website address, street address, phone, and fax numbers) will be included in your customers’ invoices as shown below:


If you configure your store to provide shipping cost calculations for buyers, the address you enter in the Company address section of your store profile will be used as the location from which your goods are shipped.

Email notifications sent to customers will include such details as your company name, phone number, fax number, and website address.

The copyright notice in the website footer will use the company name and the year the store opened.


You can use the Contacts sections of your store profile to set the email addresses for the email notifications your store will send to users.


More information on your store’s email notifications is available in Basic Store Setup: Email Notifications.

You can find instructions for using the Contacts sections of your store profile in the section Contact Email Addresses Setup.

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