X-Cart has a built-in list of 249 countries of the world with states configured for 11 of them (Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States). All information on countries and states in X-Cart is based on ISO_3166-2.

The countries list in X-Cart can be checked on the Countries page in the Admin area (Store Setup -> Countries, States, and Zones).


On this page, a store admin can enable/disable countries and add states to countries if necessary.

To change a country status a store admin should:

1. Locate a country the changes are to be applied to.

For this purpose the store admin can either check the list of the countries one by one or use the Search bar available on the page:


2. Change the status using one of the following ways:

  • Switch the ON/OFF button opposite the country in question from green to grey:

  • Select the countries that need to be enabled/disabled, click the Status button that will appear at the bottom of the page, and change the countries’ status in bulk:


3. Click the Save changes button to submit the changes.

To add/edit states a store admin should:

1. Locate the country the states are to be added to.

For this purpose, the store admin can either check the list of the countries one by one or use the Search bar available on the page.


The countries with states will have the Edit states link instead of Add states.


2. Click the Add states link opposite the country in question.


You will be redirected to the States page of the Store setup -> Countries, states and zones section where it’s necessary to:

  • Click the Add state button.

  • Fill in the required state info in the blank line that will appear.

  • Add as many states this way as required.

  • Click Save changes.

The country with the newly created state(s) will be added to the list of countries with states:


To add states to the countries with states, click Edit states and follow the procedure described in the Managing States guide.

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