User membership levels can be set up and managed using the "Membership Levels" section of your store's Admin area (Users > Membership Levels).

Creating Membership Levels

To create a new membership level:

  1. In your store's Admin area, go to Users -> Membership Levels and click the "New membership" button. You will see a new blank field in the membership levels table.

  2. In this field, type the name of the membership level you require. For example, let us name our new membership level "VIP customers":

  3. Click Save changes.

The new membership level will be saved and added to your store's membership levels list.

Viewing and Managing Membership Levels

The Membership Levels section (Users > Membership Levels) provides a table with a list of membership levels available (if any) to your store's users:

  • To get a list of users with a specific membership, click on the number link in the Users column opposite the membership name.

    Alternatively, use the "Search for users" feature. Set a filter specifying the membership(s) you need and search to find users. Note that you can search by both assigned and pending memberships.

  • To change the name of any membership level, click on the level name. Once the level name field becomes active, edit the value and save changes.

    For each membership level, you can see the name and the number of store users with this membership level:

  • To enable/disable a membership level, switch the ON/OFF icon opposite its name to select the desired status and click Save changes.

    A store admin can assign only active membership levels to users.

  • To change the order of the membership level names in the table, drag and drop the level to the required position by the four arrow icon and save the changes.

    The order in which the membership level names display in the table determines the order of membership level names in the drop-down box used to assign membership levels to specific users.

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