An online store is no store without users. In an X-Cart store, there are different types of users, each type with their own specific functions. You can learn about X-Cart user types in the section User Types in X-Cart.

In the store, each user is represented by a user account linked to all the user information (user profile). Different types of users have different privileges. Users with user management privileges (typically administrators acting on behalf of the store owner) can manage the accounts of other store users. For example, they can access and edit the information in other users’ profiles, force a logged-in user to log out, check how the store looks and functions for another user or do some task - for example, place an order - for another user (“Operate as a User” feature). You can find more information on user management in the section User Management.

A user’s level of access to the system is defined by their role. More information on user roles and their management is available in the section User Roles.

The types of customer information that can be collected and stored by your X-Cart store depend on the customer profile form settings (that is, which form fields you require that your customers complete). You can learn more about this from the section Customer Account Management.

Detailed information on how a store administrator can operate as another user s available in the section “Operate as a User” Feature.

If required, registered customers can be divided into groups so each group can be given access to specific privileges or resources. Such groups are “memberships” or “membership levels”. You can read more about this in the section Memberships.

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