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PayPal for Marketplaces: Vendor Experience
PayPal for Marketplaces: Vendor Experience

General information on the payment related settings for the Vendor area.

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To automatically receive payments through the PayPal for Marketplaces payment, vendors must specify their PayPal Business account in the Financial Info section of their profile (See Managing vendor profile information as a vendor).


For this purpose, they should use the Connect to PayPal link and specify their PayPal Business Merchant ID to get connected.

If a vendor fails to specify the appropriate PayPal Business account, the money due to them will not be transferred to the vendor’s account but will remain in the store administrator's account.

All auto-generated PayPal for Marketplaces payment transactions showing the receipt of funds by the store vendors are recorded in the Vendor Transactions section of the Admin area (Orders > Vendor Transactions) and in the My Transactions section of the Vendor area (My Account -> My Transactions):


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