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Let your customers know about the products expected to appear in your product catalog soon

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The "Coming soon" feature in X-Cart is available through the use of the Product Advisor add-on. With this feature, your store can showcase products with an arrival date in the future so your customers can notice them better. By default, the "Coming soon" block appears on your store's Home page (scroll down to see it).

It also appears on catalog pages in the sidebar.

Your customers can also view all your store's new products as a list on a separate page (http://<your-domain>/<x-cart-5-directory>/?target=coming_soon) available by default through the "Coming soon" item in your store's Primary menu.

In addition, a store admin can mark the products with an arrival date in the future with labels saying "Expected on…" and stating the date on which customers should expect them to arrive.

To use the" Coming soon" feature, ensure that the Product Advisor add-on is installed and enabled at your store.

To configure how the products that are about to appear in your store's catalog should display to your store's visitors, you will need to adjust the add-on settings:

  1. Go to the Settings page for the "Product Advisor" add-on.

  2. Scroll down to the "Coming soon" block settings section.

  3. Adjust the following settings:

    • Enable the "Coming soon" feature in catalog: Enable this toggle to use the "Coming soon" feature. With this option enabled, products with an arrival date set in the future will be visible to store visitors before the arrival date. With this option disabled, products with a future arrival date will not appear on the storefront before arrival.

    • Label upcoming products: Specify whether you want the labels "Expected on" to be used on products with an arrival date set in the future (and if so, on what pages). The available options are Don't label, In catalog only, and On catalog and product pages.
      For example, here you can see such a label displayed on a catalog page:

    • Show "coming soon" products only from category being viewed by customer: This setting defines whether you want to show "coming soon" products from the entire store or just from the category the customer is currently viewing.

      X-Cart 5.1.x note: Drupal block settings can override this option (when the DrupalConnector add-on is enabled).

    • Maximum number of products to display in "Coming soon" block: Specify the maximum number of products shown in the "Coming soon" block. Specify a non-zero value. For example, in our demo store, this value is set to "4" (four), so only four products are displayed in this block:

      Suppose the store has more "coming soon" products than displayed in this block. In that case, your customers will be able to access them on the "Coming soon" page (available via the "Coming soon" menu in the store header or the "All upcoming products" link in the "Coming soon" block).

  4. Once you complete configuring the settings, click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

To change the position of the "Coming soon" block:

  • X-Cart versions and later: Use our Layout Editor.

  • X-Cart versions earlier Use the setting "Display "Coming soon" block on the sidebar (otherwise in the center area)." Note that the Drupal block settings can override this setting (when the DrupalConnector add-on is enabled).

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