Should your Mailchimp account change and you need to update connections in your X-Cart based store, or to update Mailchimp API key only, use the “Reset Mailchimp connection” link on the Mailchimp Settings page of your store Admin area (My Apps-> Mailchimp Integration with eCommerce Support).

Updating Mailchimp Connection and API Key

To update connections:

1. You will need the username and password for the Mailchimp account to which you will be connecting your store, so make sure you have them at the ready. You will also require an API key that your store will use to access that account on your behalf, so ensure an API key has been generated as per the instructions in the Mailchimp knowledge base article About API keys.

2. On the Mailchimp Settings page in your X-Cart store, click on the “Reset Mailchimp connection” link next to the Mailchimp API key field.

3. On the page that opens, enter the username and password for the Mailchimp account to which the store needs to be connected and choose to log in.

Once you have been successfully authenticated, the store will be disconnected from the old Mailchimp account and connected to the new account that has been specified.

Deactivating Mailchimp Add-on

If you wish to stop using X-Cart’s Mailchimp integration, you can either deactivate or uninstall the add-on in your X-Cart store.

Deactivation stops the add-on from functioning, but it does not remove the settings you made to the add-on configuration or clear any data generated or collected during the period when the add-on was in operation.

If you wish to remove all the data related to using the add-on completely, you need to uninstall it.

To deactivate or uninstall the Mailchimp Integration with eCommerce Support add-on, follow the Managing Add-ons section's guides.

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