Imagine that you have a product in your product catalog that you want to connect with one or more other products. These other products will be recommended to customers when they view the first one. To do that, you will need to edit the first product specifying the other products as related to it. It can be done manually or via import.

You can add related products to any product in your catalog. For example, you have a product in your store that is named "Build-On Brick Mug," and you want to add a product named "Ghostbusters Stay Pufft Marshmallow Face Mug" as related to it. Let us see how it can be done.

1. In the Products section of your store’s Admin area (Catalog -> Products), find the product "Build-On Brick Mug" and open its details for viewing/editing. Click on the Related Products tab to go to the respective section of the product details.

2. In the Related Products section, click Add related products.

You will see a popup with a list of products to select your related products from.

3. Select the product that you want to be related to the product "Build-On Brick Mug." In our example, that would be "Ghostbusters Stay Pufft Marshmallow Face Mug." If necessary, you can select more than one product. Use the filter above the list to find the product(s) you require.

4. Adjust the setting "Make bidirectional relations" at the bottom of the list as you require to specify how the selected products should be related with the main product. (Enable the option "Make bidirectional relations" if you want all selected products to be interrelated.)

5. Click Add products.

This adds the selected product(s) as related.

Related products can be imported via a .csv file as described in the section CSV import: Products.

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