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The Add to Cart Popup add-on for X-Cart is an extension that improves the shopping experience of your online store visitors.

Add-on Features Overview

The "Add to Cart Popup" add-on displays a popup with the shopping cart contents and, optionally, a list of recommendations, e.g., "You may also like."

The popup appears when a visitor clicks the "Buy now" or "Add to cart" buttons or uses the drag-n-drop feature to add an item to the cart. The popup instantly confirms the shopper's add-to-cart action, assuring them that the product has been successfully added to their shopping cart. In addition to that, the popup functions as an upselling and cross-selling tool that can provide the buyer with further recommendations as to what other products they may choose to buy. The popup offers convenient site navigation options, allowing the store visitor to proceed directly to checkout, go to the shopping cart page, or continue shopping. If you enable product recommendations via the popup, the buyers can open the product page of any recommended product to view the detail. They also can add the product to their shopping cart directly from the "Add to Cart" popup.

Add-on Setup

To use the "Add to Cart Popup" add-on, you must ensure it is installed and enabled. See Managing Add-ons.

After the installation, click the "Settings" link next to the add-on name to open the add-on settings page:

To configure the add-on, you need to adjust the following settings:

Here you will need to specify what products to recommend in the "Add to Cart" popup.

By default, the "Add to Cart" popup will provide recommendations based on randomly selected products (This corresponds to the enabled "Random products" toggle). The popup can display three product recommendations maximum. If you do not want any recommendations to be provided, you need to disable the toggle.

If your store has the add-ons Product Advisor or Related Products installed and enabled, you will also be able to use other sources for product recommendations:

  • Customers who bought this product also bought (Product Advisor add-on)

  • Related products (Related Products add-on)

Ultimately, you will need to enable all the source options you wish to use and disable the ones you don't.

Note that it is possible to prioritize different sources by readjusting the order they go in the list on the add-on settings page.

The online stores based on X-Cart versions 5.0.x-5.3.x and using X-Cart's drag-n-drop add-to-cart feature provide the "Enable a popup after a product is added to cart via drag-n-drop" toggle at the top of the "Add to Cart Popup Addon Settings" page.

This toggle allows displaying the "Add to Cart" popup after adding a product to the shopping cart using X-Cart's drag-n-drop feature. By default, the toggle is enabled, which means the "Add to Cart" popup will display to customers who have just added something to their cart via drag-n-drop. If, however, you feel the popup showing up in this context might vex your customers, you may prefer to turn off the toggle to disable the use of the popup with drag-n-drop.

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