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About the Bestsellers Add-on

You can configure your X-Cart 5 store to showcase the most popular products (the ones that have been purchased at your store the most often) in a separate section where your store visitors will be more likely to see them. This feature is available through the use of the "Bestsellers" add-on by the X-Cart team.

To use the feature, make sure this add-on is installed and enabled in your store.

The Bestsellers Page

Your best selling products will display on a separate store page (https://your_store_address/?target=bestsellers). By default, a link to your store's Bestsellers page is available via your store's Primary menu (under the "Hot deals" menu item):

You can change the way the Bestsellers page link is included in your store's menus as you require. See Managing Menus.

If using clean URLs, you can adjust the clean URL alias for the Bestsellers page in the [clean_url_aliases] section of your store's configuration file XCART_DIRECTORY/etc/config.php.

; Add clean URL aliases for special pages.
; Use the following format:
; target = "clean-url"
bestsellers = "bestsellers"

By default, the alias is "bestsellers".

The Bestsellers Block

In addition to the Bestsellers page, the add-on also provides a block titled "Bestsellers" in the central column of your store site (you may need to scroll down to see it). You can find it on the Home page as well as on category pages.

For example, here is the "Bestsellers" block displayed on the Home page in our demo store:

And here is the "Bestsellers" block displayed on a category details page:

The number of bestsellers shown within the block is different in these two cases because the block on the Home page shows best-selling products from the entire store, whereas the block on the category page shows only the bestsellers from the current category and its subcategories.

The products for the "Bestsellers" block are selected automatically based on your store's product sales statistics. You specify the maximum number of products shown within the block, and X-Cart populates this block with the set number of products choosing the ones that have been purchased by your customers the most often.

If necessary, it is possible to move the block to a different location using X-Cart's Layout Editor.

The maximum number of products that can display within the "Bestsellers" block on the Home page and the category pages can be adjusted as follows:

  1. Open the "Bestsellers" add-on settings page.

  2. Adjust the number of products as you require.

  3. Save the changes by clicking "Submit."

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