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The X-Cart Product Tags add-on narrows down the search results within the Product Filter add-on and improves the overall customer experience independently.

Installing and Configuring Product Tags

To start using the Product Tags add-on, ensure that it is installed and enabled. (Check the Apps section of the store's Admin area).

Then proceed to the add-on settings page to configure it.

Here you can enable the "Show tags list in the sidebar" toggle. This setting specifies whether the Tags section should display on the storefront or not. For example, if the "Show tags list in the sidebar" toggle is enabled, store buyers will see product tags in a separate section on every page of your store.

Creating Product Tags

To add and manage product tags, go to the Tags section of your store's Admin area (Catalog -> Tags).

Initially, you do not have any tags:

To add a new product tag:

  1. Click New tag.

  2. In the blank field that appears, enter the tag name you require.

  3. Click Save changes.

    The tag will be created:

Assigning Tags to Products

After creating a tag, you can assign it to products. One product can have an unlimited number of tags assigned to it.

To assign a tag to a product:

  1. On the product listing page of your store's Admin area (Catalog -> Products), locate a product to which you need to assign the tag and open its details for editing.

  2. On the Info tab of the product details, use the Tags field to select the tag(s) you require.

  3. Click Update product to save the changes.

Assigning Tags to Multiple Products

If necessary, you can assign a product tag to more than one product at a time. For that, you will need to use the Bulk Editing option:

  1. On the product listing page of your store's Admin area (Catalog -> Products), select products to which you need to assign product tags.

    The button name will differ depending on whether you have selected all products for editing or only several of them. Click either Bulk edit all or Bulk edit selected.

    Finally, select the "Categories and tags" option.

  2. On the next page, specify the tags you require. Again, you can add new tags or choose from the existing ones. It is also possible to remove or replace product tags for the products.

  3. Save the changes. The tags will be applied to all the selected products.

Once the tags have been configured and assigned to products, you can use them to narrow down the search results both in the Admin area and on the storefront.

Managing Product Tags

You can manage your product tags via the Tags section of your store's Admin area (Catalog -> Tags) as you require.

To search for products by a tag in the Admin area, use one of the following methods:

  • In the Products section (Catalog > Products), expand the filter/search form above the product list, select the Tag checkbox in the search settings and enter the tag name.

  • In the Tags section (Catalog > Tags), find the tag you require and click on the number link displayed in the Products column of the tag list.

To find all products with a specific tag on the storefront, click on its name in the Tags section. (Remember, this section is displayed in the sidebar only if the store administrator has enabled it via the add-on settings).

If you set up your store not to display product tags as a separate section in the sidebar, they are included in the block of Product Filters so that you can use them there. The Product Filters section will display only the tags that are relevant to the viewed category.

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