A store admin can add both single and multiple product reviews to a store. A single product review can be added using the Admin area facilities. Multiple reviews are added via the Import tool.

Add Single Review

To add a single review via the Admin area:

1. On the reviews page of your store Admin area (Catalog -> Reviews), click the Add review button above the listing:

This opens the Add review popup:

2. In the Add review popup, fill in the review details as follows:

  • Product: Start typing to select a respective product from your store catalog. You can use both product SKU and name.

  • Rating: Rate a product by selecting an appropriate amount of stars.

  • Profile: Enter a user email address.

  • Reviewer name: Enter a customer name.

  • Text of review: Add a text of a review.

3. Click the Create button.

Import Reviews

To add multiple reviews at a time, it's more convenient to use the Import tool facilities.

To import reviews:

1. Prepare the import file of the following format:

  • Filename: reviews-YYYY-MM-DD.csv, where the part "-YYYY-MM-DD" can be any date you want or can be omitted.

  • Supported fields:

The product field is a required one; the rest are optional. If you are going to import data into X-Cart and do not wish to update certain X-Cart fields during the import process, you should not include them into your CSV file for import. Remove the respective column(s) from the file.

2. On the Import page of your store Admin area (Catalog -> Import), click Choose files and select a CSV file from your computer.

3. Configure import settings:

  • Do not verify images to run the process faster: The setting allows checking if an image specified in the import file exists in your file system. Disable the setting if you want the images verified during import. Images verification may slow down the import process.

  • Import mode: Select the mode for importing new data.

The mode ‘Create new items and update existing items’ enables you, as the name suggests, to both create new and update the existing items. If your import file contains items that do not yet exist in the store’s database, they will be created due to the import. New items will be created based on product SKU.

The mode ‘Update existing items, but skip new items’ enables you to update the existing items without creating new ones.

In both import modes, any missing item that is dependent on an existing item will be created. For example, if you specify a non-existing category for a product to be updated, this category will be created in your store during import.

  • Charset: Select the character encoding used in your file.

  • CSV delimiter: Select the delimiter used in your file (comma or semicolon).

4. Click Start import.

When your CSV file uploads, you’ll see a notification on a successful import. If the import failed, X-Cart notifies you of the reason.

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