Creating Color Swatches

Learn how to create color swatches.

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Color swatches can be created and managed on the "Color swatches" page of your store Admin area (Catalog -> Color Swatches).


Initially, there are no swatches, so the swatch list is empty. Therefore, you need to create any swatches you require from scratch.

To create a swatch:

  1. Click "Create."

    A new blank line opens in the swatch list.

  2. Fill in the fields on the line to create your new swatch.

    • In the "Name" column, specify the name to identify the swatch.

    • Then, in the "Color" field, set the swatch color you require. Use the color selection panel to select the color you need.

    • Next, upload an image you require either from your local computer or a URL. The image will be added to your swatch details.

      You can create as many swatches as you need.

  3. Click "Save changes."

After you create the required color swatches, proceed with assigning them to products.

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