X-Cart’s AvaTax Sales Tax Automation allows you to handle tax exemption for customers.

If you scroll down the Account details section of a customer profile, you will find the AvaTax settings section where you can enter the number of a customer tax exemption certificate and type of usage:

In the case that the Exemption number field is filled in in a customer profile, this disables tax calculation completely for this customer.

If you need to allow tax exemption for customers depending on the certificate validity and on the customer nexus, you need to create an exempt customer in your Avalara account.

For this purpose:

1. Open the “Exemptions” page in your Avalara Avatax account:

2. Click the Add an exempt customer button on the “Exemptions” page:

3. Complete customer profile creation following the guides here.

When filling in a customer profile, enter X-Cart’s customer profile ID (number only) as the value of an Avalara Customer Code field.

Customer Profile ID in X-Cart

Customer Code in Avatax

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