To enable AvaTax Sales Tax Automation at your X-Cart store, follow these steps:

First, get an account with Avalara and activate it. Then, log in at (for Development Accounts) or (for Production Accounts) using your user id and password. After successful account activation, you will get your account number and license key. Be sure to record them for future use: the account number and license key are needed for API access, and you will need to enter them on the settings page of the AvaTax Sales Tax Automation add-on in your X-Cart Admin area.

Then, configure your company settings and tax profile on the Avalara end.

You can get started by clicking Get Started on the navigation bar when the Home tab is selected. In addition, you can find detailed information on configuring your Avalara account in the Avalara Help Center.

To enable AvaTax Sales Tax Automation in your X-Cart store:

  1. First, install and enable the AvaTax Sales Tax Automation add-on. For general add-on installation instructions, see Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

  2. Configure the add-on (See Configuring the AvaTax Sales Tax Automation Add-on).

  3. Map the products in your store’s catalog to specific AvaTax tax codes (See Mapping Products to AvaTax Tax Codes).

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