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Getting Started with 'Special Offers: Spend X Get Y'
Getting Started with 'Special Offers: Spend X Get Y'

Learn how to get started with the 'Special Offers: Spend X Get Y' add-on.

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For general information on the Special Offers: Spend X Get Y add-on, see the section Special Offers Add-ons.

Here is how you can get started using the Special Offers: Spend X Get Y add-on:

  1. Ensure that the Special Offers: Spend X Get Y add-on is installed and enabled at your store. Note that the Special Offers (base) add-on is installed automatically along with Special Offers: Spend X Get Y and needs to be configured.

  2. In your X-Cart store Admin area, visit the Special Offers page, where you will create and manage your special offers. See Configuring 'Spend X Get Y' Offers.

    Check the pre-configured bid samples that come with the add-on to understand the functionality better. Disable, remove it or edit the configuration to use it as your offer.

  3. If you create special offers that will be available not to everyone but just to specific groups of customers ("membership levels"), be sure to configure the respective membership levels. See Memberships.

  4. Decide whether you want to advertise your special offers via a dedicated page in your store's storefront - the Special offers page. If you do, make sure your store visitors are provided with a link to this page. See Managing the Special Offers Page.

  5. Add more offers and manage the current ones as you require via the Special Offers page in the Admin area. See Managing Special Offers.

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