The add-on Special Offers: Buy X Get Y gives your customer a discount if their shopping cart contains a certain number of items. These can be any items from your store or just items from a specific category/subcategory. The customer does not need any promo code to get the discount. You create a special offer in your X-Cart store’s Admin area, defining what kind of items (and how many of them) a customer needs to buy to get the discount and what kind of discount they will get. As soon as a customer adds the required number of said items to their shopping cart, the special offer is applied to their cart automatically, and they can see the order totals with the discount applied. If necessary, you can set additional conditions for the offer; for example, you can configure your offer so that only certain groups of customers (membership levels) will have access to it.

Here is how you can get started using the add-on ‘Special Offers: Buy X Get Y’:

  1. Ensure the add-on ‘Special Offers: Buy X Get Y’ is installed and enabled at your store.
    Installing and Configuring Special Offers Components
  2. In your X-Cart store Admin area, visit the page ‘Special Offers’, where you will create and manage your special offers. Find out how to create a new ‘Buy X Get Y’ special offer by studying the following section.
    ‘Buy X Get Y’ Offers

    To get a better idea of how special offers work, be sure to look at a pre-configured special offer sample that comes with the add-on. Disable or remove it or edit its configuration to use it as your own offer.
  3. If you create special offers that will be available not to everyone but just to certain groups of customers (“membership levels”), be sure to configure the respective membership levels.
  4. Decide whether you want to advertise your special offers via a dedicated page in your store's storefront area - the Special offers page. If you do, make sure your store visitors are provided with a link to this page.
    Managing the Special Offers Page
  5. Add more offers and manage the existing offers as you require via the Special Offers page in the Admin area.
    Managing Special Offers
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