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Sale Price for Individual Products
Sale Price for Individual Products

Learn how to set a product for sale.

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The product owner manages sale prices for individual products, also called single product discounts. They can be configured on the details page of any product in the store's back-end (Admin area and, in X-Cart Multivendor, Vendor area).

A single product discount (set using the sale price settings via a product's details page) overrides any other possible group discounts that may apply to this product.

To set a sale price for an individual product:

  1. In your X-Cart store back end, go to Products (Catalog -> Products), find the product to configure a sale price, and click on the product name to open the product details for editing.

  2. Scroll down the page and locate the Prices & Inventory section. In this section, enable the Sale option by selecting the respective checkbox.


    You will see some additional settings allowing you to configure a sale price.

  3. Configure the sale price you require. You can set the sale price either in the absolute value of the store's currency or as a percentage of the product's default price as specified in the main Price field.



    The sale price configured for a product will also apply to all its variants (if any) if no special sale price has been configured for them.
    ​A sale price configured as a percentage discount can also apply to wholesale prices. See Wholesale Pricing for Sale Offers for details.

  4. Click Update product to save the changes.

Products with a sale price enabled are marked with the Sale tag on product listing pages in the store's back end.


Please be aware that product listing pages in the store back-end display the default product price, not the sale price. You can find information about a product's sale price can only on the product's details page.

As for the storefront, all your discounted products are marked with a specific "% off" label. The product details page also shows the original (default) product price.

  • Product listing page

  • Product details page


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