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A general overview of the add-on facilities.

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X-Cart's Sale add-on provides facilities for managing sale offers and sale prices in your online store.

With this add-on, you can put items on sale and draw your store visitors' attention to them. Setting products on sale is done by configuring a discount in percentage or absolute value.

With the Sale add-on, you can configure discounts on individual products and create "sale offers" for product groups, including category/subcategory, product class, or just an arbitrary selection of products handled as a group.

Products that have been put on sale automatically get sale labels allowing your store visitors to see what discount they may be getting.

The add-on provides a dedicated page listing all the products that are currently on sale (https://your_store_address/?target=sale_products). By default, a link to that page is available via your store's Primary menu (under the "Hot deals" menu item):

The add-on also provides a "Sale" block featuring the products on sale. You can display this block:

  • on the home page;

  • on the category pages.

You can also list sale offers as dedicated sections available via links in your store's category menu.

When used in conjunction with other add-ons, the Sale add-on makes it possible to configure:

Generally, the Sale add-on comes preinstalled and enabled out-of-the-box in all X-Cart editions.

However, if the add-on is not installed or has been disabled in your store for some reason, follow the guides from the article Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store to install and activate it.

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