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Learn how to install and configure the Price Countdown extension to the Sales add-on.

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The Price Countdown add-on allows visualizing the time left till an offer expires. The add-on works in conjunction with the Sale add-on.

To install the Price Countdown add-on, see Installing Add-ons from X-Cart App Store.

Configuring the Add-on Settings

When installed, proceed to the add-on settings page by clicking the Settings link:


You will see a page like this:

Here you can enable/disable where the counter displays in the storefront. Your options are as follows:

  • Display counter on the sidebar

  • Display counter on the cart page

  • Display counter in product lists

The counter is always displayed on the storefront's product details page in addition to the above three options.

Enabling Counter for a Product

The Price Countdown add-on adds settings to the Prices & Inventory section of the product details page:


To enable the counter for a product:

  1. Open the product's product details from the product listing page in your store Admin area (Catalog -> Products).

  2. Locate the Prices & Inventory section on the product details page.

  3. Set a sale price for the product.

  4. Set the discount date range:


  5. Enable the sale start and expiration toggles.

  6. Click Update product at the bottom of the page.

Enabling Counters for Multiple Products

To enable the counter for multiple products at once:

  1. Select products for editing in your store's Admin area (Catalog -> Products).


  2. Click Bulk edit all and select Price and membership.


  3. On the "Bulk Edit Price And Membership" page, adjust the following settings:

    • Discount date range

    • Start sale at discount start time

    • End sale when discounts expire

    If the selected products are not on sale, adjust the related parameters as described here.

  4. Click Save changes.


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