The add-on Value Added Tax / Goods and Services Tax should be used for tax setup when it’s necessary to charge customers a value added tax (VAT) or a goods and services tax (GST).

This add-on is designed especially for businesses in the UK, EU, Australia and other countries where an ability to charge VAT / GST is a must. The add-on allows you to use different tax rates based on the membership level and address of the customer. It also supports tax exemption based on the customer’s VAT ID.

Note that we have a special add-on for Canadian taxes.

To start using the add-on "Value Added Tax / Goods and Services Tax", ensure that it is installed and enabled in your store.

Once installed the "Value Added Tax / Goods and Services Tax" add-on adds the "VAT number" filed to the list of default customer profile fields that can be maintained and edited the same way all other fields are.

The following sections provide guidance on how to set up and enable VAT / GST calculation in X-Cart using the add-on "Value Added Tax / Goods and Services Tax".

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