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Adding Vendor Name to Store Pages (X-Cart 5.4.x and earlier)
Adding Vendor Name to Store Pages (X-Cart 5.4.x and earlier)

Learn how you can mention the name of a vendor anywhere on the pages of your multivendor X-Cart store by using a language variable

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This article applies to the specific versions of software: X-Cart Multivendor v5.4.0.5 and earlier.

This article provides instructions for how to include a vendor's company name on any page of your X-Cart store.

A vendor company name can be specified using the Company name field in the profile of each specific vendor (Users -> User list, click on vendor name, see the Company details tab).

The value submitted via the Company name field, as shown above, is used for the "Vendor Company Name" variable:

  • Language label name: Vendor Company Name

  • Language label text: Vendor's Company Name - {{vendorCompanyName}}

To include the name of the vendor on a certain page on the storefront, you'll need to edit the respective page via the Template Editor.

If you use language labels in your code, you can use unique variables in the text of your language label (vendorCompanyName in our case).

The code that you should use to add "Vendor Company Name" in your templates is as follows:

{{ t('Vendor Company Name', {'vendorCompanyName': this.vendor.getVendorCompanyName()}) }}

If you are not using language labels, you can use the following code in your templates:

{{ this.vendor.getVendorCompanyName() }}

The getVendorCompanyName() method is defined in the following file at line 355 approximately:


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