Editing Text Labels

Learn to edit the text elements of your X-Cart store's user interface.

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When you need to edit an existing text element in your X-Cart store's user interface, you need to identify the text label that stores this text element as a value and then edit this value. In addition, if you use multiple languages in your X-Cart store, you may also need to check if you need similar changes for this label in the other languages.

Let's see how you can edit text labels in X-Cart. For example, we want to change the wording of the phrase "Your shopping cart" shown in the snapshot below, so it says "Your shopping bag":

Let's do it:

  1. In your store's Admin area, go to the Translations section (Store Setup > Translations):

  2. Switch to the Edit Labels tab:

  3. If your store uses more than one language, select the language where you need to edit the text label. In our example, we will change "Your shopping cart" for the English language.
    On the following snapshot, we selected English for the page language:

    If you need to edit this phrase in other languages, select them before starting.

    Use the search bar to find the phrase you want to edit, keeping in mind that it is case-sensitive. For example, to find the term "Your shopping cart," we paste it into the search bar and click Search:

    You will see the list of search results (if any) below:

    If you receive no search results, it means that either you are searching in the wrong language or the label does not exist. If necessary, you can add the missing label following the Adding New Text Labels guides.

  4. Review the search results to find the phrase you need to edit. If none of the terms in the results list matches your search exactly, do not worry: the items in the search results list are text labels, and what you see in the list are their names. Their values are concealed from view, and you have to reveal them.

    • To view the value of any text label, hover your cursor over the respective entry in the search results list. You will see the Edit link there.

    • Click on the Edit link; this will expand a section where you will be able to view/edit the value of the selected text label:

  5. Edit the text label value as you require. In our example, we will need to edit the last two labels in the search results list (the first one is used for the case when the cart contains a single item, the second one - when the cart contains multiple items). So we replace the word "cart" with the word "bag" in both of the text label values:

    Note that if you need to edit this phrase in more than one language, you can use a special section that will help you edit all translations simultaneously. To access this section, click on the Global edit icon:

    The popup where you can edit text labels for multiple languages looks as follows:

  6. When complete, click Save changes. The text labels will be updated.

Now you can check the results in the storefront. In our case, we should be able to see the phrase "Your shopping bag" instead of "Your shopping cart":

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