The Loyalty Program add-on allows your store customers to earn reward points for buying goods in your store, rating products and writing reviews for them, and also for a sign-up. The earned reward points can then be converted into discounts for the next purchases in your store.

To promote points earning, use the Pop-Up Anywhere add-on facilities.

The number of reward points that a customer can earn for buying a product displays on:

  • the product listing pages;

  • the product details page.

After a buyer adds products to the cart, the checkout page displays the reward points total that comes with the order. A special prompt reminds buyers to register an account or sign in for the reward points to count for the order. Only logged-in customers can earn points for purchases.

In case you configure your store's Loyalty Program to grant points for a sign-up, reward points will automatically count towards the order after a buyer completes the registration and will convert into a maximum possible discount that applies immediately.

To change the discount applied to the order, the customer should click the Redeem your award points link, specify the number of points they want to use, and confirm the choice by clicking the Redeem button.

Reward points will convert into a discount according to the Loyalty Program settings rate and withdraw from the customer’s account after the order is paid.

In addition to the cart and checkout pages, the reward points that a customer earns with the order display the invoice.

Reward points for an order are credited to the customer’s account when the order gets a ‘Paid’ status. After that, the customer can see available reward points on the Account Details page in the Reward Points tab. If the customer cancels the order or requests a refund, the related reward points are withdrawn from the customer’s account.

The reward points balance page also records data on all points earned for product reviews and ratings and displays reward points' transaction history.

If necessary, a store admin can check and adjust the reward points balance of a customer with a comment for the adjustment (if required) on the user account details page in the Reward Points tab (Users -> User list).

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