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Amazon Pay Customer Routine (Amazon Pay Checkout v1)
Amazon Pay Customer Routine (Amazon Pay Checkout v1)

An overview of the storefront routine when paying orders with Amazon Pay.

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In the Customer area of your X-Cart store, in all the locations from which buyers can initiate checkout, the Amazon Pay add-on adds a Pay with Amazon button.

Here's what it looks like:

  • Cart page

  • Minicart widget


Once a customer clicks the Amazon Pay button, a pop-up window titled "Amazon Pay: Sign In" is displayed asking the buyer for their Amazon Pay account email address and password:


After successful authentication, buyers find themselves on a checkout page in X-Cart, which has two Amazon widgets embedded in it:

  • the AddressBook widget (the "Address Book" section), allowing to select a shipping address from the Amazon Pay account or add a new one;

  • the Wallet widget (the "Payment Method" section), allowing them to choose a payment method from their Amazon Pay account.


Buyers stay on your store's site throughout the checkout process without ever being redirected to Amazon.

After selecting a shipping address and a payment method from their account, the buyer chooses a shipping method. Next, X-Cart uses the information provided by the customer to calculate the shipping cost and taxes. Then the buyer places the order using the Place order button. Finally, your online store sends a payment request to Amazon.

After submitting the order, the buyer sees X-Cart's standard order confirmation page ("Congratulations! Your order has been placed. You will receive your order confirmation shortly"), displaying the order invoice with all the required information (The payment method is "Amazon Pay").

The order status handling after order placement depends on the Amazon Pay add-on settings:

  • If you use the Synchronous type of authorization request, the order status almost instantly becomes one of the following:

    • "Authorized" (= successful authorization, possible in "Authorization then capture" capture mode);

    • "Processed" (= successful authorization and capture, possible in "Immediate Charge" capture mode);

    • "Declined" (= transaction declined).

  • If you use the Asynchronous type of authorization request, the order initially gets the status" Queued." A few minutes later, when the store receives the payment request processing status from Amazon through the Instant Payment Notification (IPN) service, this order status is updated to either "Authorized"/" Processed" (depends on the Capture mode) or "Declined."

Your online store sends appropriate notifications on the order creation to the buyer's email addresses and the store's orders department following the Store Setup -> Email Notifications configuration (see more info about email configuration in Email Notifications). In addition, when the payment's status in Amazon Pay transitions as a part of the payment process (for example, when you capture a previously authorized amount or issue a refund), appropriate notifications are sent.

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