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Learn how to process orders paid with Stripe payment.

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Depending on the Transaction type parameter value, orders paid with Stripe get either Paid or Authorized order payment status. Orders get the Paid status if you configure Transaction type as Authorization and Capture. The Authorized status is assigned if the setting has the Authorize only value, respectively.

See more details on the Stripe configuration here.

Orders with the Authorized payment status require manual processing. The store admin can either capture or void the order on the order details page depending on the preferences.


Once an order gets the Paid status, you can only refund it. Stripe allows full and partial refunds:


To refund the order in full, click on the Refund button on the order details page and confirm the action.

For a partial refund, specify the amount you want to refund in the field opposite the Refund button and click Refund.

The order will get the Partially paid payment status and display the maximum amount available for a refund:


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