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Getting Started with Coupons
Getting Started with Coupons

Learn how to start using coupons at your store

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To start using coupons at your store, make sure the Coupons add-on is installed and enabled:

This add-on allows creating coupons that only give customers a fixed amount or a percentage off of the order subtotal amount. If, in addition to that, you want to be able to create coupons that will enable customers to get free shipping for their orders, you will also require the Free Shipping and Shipping Freight add-on:

With the Free Shipping and Shipping Freight add-on enabled in the store, you can use the Coupons add-on to create "free shipping" coupons.

The Bulk Editing add-on can help you manage coupon assignments to products, so we recommend keeping it enabled.

For general add-on management instructions, see Managing Add-ons.

After installing/enabling the add-on(s), be sure to review the add-on settings and adjust them as you require:

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