The first thing your store customers come across will be a cookie pop-up if it’s enabled in the GDPR add-on settings. The add-on settings allow to disable the cookie pop-up and display it only for customers from particular countries only.


If preferred, a store admin can change the cookie pop-up content using Labels Editor.


The next thing your store customers and visitors will have to deal with will be the customer consent checkboxes on the checkout page, the registration page, and the contact us page.

Registered customers will need to tick the checkbox only once, and anonymous users will have to confirm their consent every time they place an order or submit a request in the Contact Us form.

  • Checkout page

  • Registration page

  • Contact us page


The text of the consent checkboxes can also be edited using Labels Editor the same way as described above for the cookie pop-up.

Also, there is a link in the storefront that allows deleting a profile. Profile deletion removes the data stored in a profile and the communication with the store owner and sellers.


If anonymous customers want to remove their personal data, they can request it using a Contact Us form on your website.

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