To configure the GDPR add-on, open the settings page from the App Store.

You’ll see a screen of the kind where it will be possible to enable a cookie pop-up and edit the list of countries the cookie pop-up is displayed for.


You’ll need the Geolocation add-on to limit the cookie pop-up to be shown for customers from particular countries only.

Also, you will need to add a decent Privacy policy that will describe your store's policy in regards to collecting customers’ personal data. Make sure your website visitors know where to find it! You can use a default “Privacy Statement” page added by the GDPR addon or include this info as a part of the Terms and Conditions page. It’s up to you to decide what suits your business better.

The default “Privacy statement” page locates in the Content -> Pages section of your store's Admin area.


To edit the page content:

  • Click on the page name to see the “Privacy statement” edit page:


  • Locate the text in the Content field and edit it.

    Generally, it is necessary to replace the values in yellow with the corresponding information about your company. If preferred, you can replace the default text completely with your company Privacy policy instead.

    The rest of the changes can be done the same way as described in Adding Content Pages.

  • Save changes when you are done.

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