Configuring Volume Discounts

Learn how to configure volume discounts in your X-Cart store

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To configure a volume discount in an X-Cart store, follow the steps below:

  1. In your store’s Admin area, go to the Volume Discounts section (Discounts > Volume Discounts) and click Add discount.

  2. On the discount details screen that opens, specify the parameters you require.

    • Discount type: Select between fixed amount and percentage.

    • Discount amount: Set the discount amount accordingly.

    • Active from: Set the start date of the discount validity period. (Optional)

    • Active till: Set the discount expiration date. (Optional)

    • Subtotal: An order subtotal amount starting from which the discount should apply.
      For example, if you set this to “100” (USD), the discount will be available for orders with a subtotal amount equal to or more than $100.

    • Membership: Set the membership level to which the discount should be available.

    • Zones: Select address zones for which the discount is available.

    • Vendor: This field is available only in X-Cart Multivendor. For information on using this field, see Volume Discounts: Usage with Multivendor.

  3. Once you are done, click Create. The discount will be created and added to the list:

You can add more than one discount differentiated by subtotal ranges and membership levels if necessary.

Volume discounts do not sum up: if a customer’s order meets more than one volume discount condition, they will get only one deal (the most significant discount available).

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