Disable Drag-n-Drop Add to Cart (X-Cart 5.0.x-5.3.x)

Learn how to disable the drag-n-drop facility in the storefront in X-Cart 5.0.x-5.3.x.

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The feature is available in X-Cart 5.0.x-5.3.x

The Disable Drag-n-Drop Add to Cart add-on disables X-Cart's drag-n-drop add to cart feature.

The drag-n-drop add to cart feature enables a shopper to grab a product from a product listing and drag it to a drop location at the top right-hand side of the screen (it says "Drop items here to shop"); when the hold on the product is released, the product is added to the shopping cart:


To disable the drag-n-drop add to cart feature, you need to install the add-on.


No need to configure any settings - it is just the status of the add-on that affects the add to cart behavior (add-on enabled = drag-n-drop is not used; add-on disabled = drag-n-drop is used).

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