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The iDEAL Payments add-on by the X-Cart team provides a low-cost and virtually risk-free real-time payment method to accept online payments in the Netherlands. Developed by a Dutch banking community, iDEAL gives your customers a trusted, secure and simple way to pay using their own familiar online banking environment. Furthermore, an iDEAL payment is guaranteed and cannot be reversed (chargeback is unavailable).

To use iDEAL Payments, you must complete the iDEAL application process. You can start by choosing the "Registration" link at https://ideal.rabobank.nl. The process involves providing the required information about your business and completing some tests in the Rabobank iDEAL test environment. After the assessment and approval of your application and signing your contract, you will be able to activate iDEAL on your site. The guidelines for completing the application process are available here.

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