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Learn how to create a PayPal test account to set up Payflow Link or Paypal Advanced.

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To test Payflow Link or Paypal Advanced, you will need to set up two PayPal Sandbox accounts (one to simulate you as the merchant and simulate a buyer) and a test Payflow Link/Paypal Advanced account.

To set up these accounts, follow the instructions below:

  1. First, go to PayPal Sandbox and sign in. Then, if you do not have an account, click Sign Up, and follow the instructions given.

  2. Click Create a preconfigured account.

  3. Set Account Type to Seller.

  4. Please note the password generated for you in the Password box, or replace it with a password of your choice.

  5. Click Create Account. A new Sandbox account will be created and shown on the Test Accounts page. Make a note of the email address generated. It will be your test merchant account.

  6. Click Home, then repeat steps 2-5. In step 3, set Account Type to Buyer. It will be your test buyer account.

  7. Create a test Payflow Link/Paypal Advanced account by following the link and completing the registration process. When you reach the Next Steps page, your account is created.

  8. Log in to your new account at PayPal Manager. Log in with the following credentials:

    • Partner: PayPal.

    • Merchant Login: The Merchant Login that you entered in step 7.

    • User: Leave blank.

    • Password: The password that you entered in step 7.

  9. Click Service Settings.

  10. Under Hosted Checkout Pages, click Set Up.

  11. In the PayPal Sandbox email address box, enter your Sandbox merchant account email (from step 5).

  12. Click Save Changes.

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