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PayPal Smart Payment Buttons
PayPal Smart Payment Buttons

Learn how to configure PayPal smart payment buttons for the PayPal Checkout payment method.

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X-Cart's PayPal integration supports PayPal Checkout Smart Payment Buttons. The Smart Payment Buttons feature enables you to customize the payment buttons on the checkout page.

With Smart Payment Buttons, you can choose:

  • Your PayPal checkout button's size, color, shape, and controls for alternative payment methods such as PayPal Credit, Venmo, and local funding sources.

  • The button layout (horizontal or vertical).

It is also possible to specify the funding sources that should be made available to buyers. (When multiple funding sources are available, PayPal automatically determines which additional buttons are appropriate to display. However, you can opt-in or out of displaying specific funding sources.)

You can do all this via the "Customize the PayPal button" section of the PayPal payment method setup:


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