Order statuses used by ShippingEasy differ from those used by X-Cart. So, before you can export orders from your X-Cart store to ShippingEasy, you will need to map order statuses between X-Cart and ShippingEasy.

To complete the task, you will need to specify the respective matching ShippingEasy statuses for all X-Cart order statuses that will need to be sent to ShippingEasy.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. In your X-Cart store’s Admin area, go to the ShippingEasy statuses page (Store setup > ShippingEasy statuses). You’ll see a screen like this (Initially, the ShippingEasy statuses page does not contain any items):


  2. Select New item. This expands a section with two drop-down boxes:


  3. Use this section to specify a pair of matching statuses.

    For example, if you want order info to be sent to ShippingEasy when an order gets the payment status “Paid” in X-Cart, and you want this order to be marked as “Awaiting shipment” in ShippingEasy, you should select “Paid” from the drop-down box in the X-Cart payment status column and “Awaiting shipment” from the drop-down box in the ShippingEasy status column:


  4. Click Save changes.

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 if you need to specify more matching pairs of statuses.

    As a result, you should have all the X-Cart payment statuses for which order info needs to be sent automatically to ShippingEasy listed in the X-Cart payment status column, and their respective matching ShippingEasy statuses listed on the opposite side in the ShippingEasy status column:


Your store will send order information to ShippingEasy no more than once per order. This means that when an order in X-Cart receives any of the statuses for which you have specified a matching status in ShippingEasy, X-Cart will automatically export information about this order to ShippingEasy. If afterward, the status of this order in X-Cart changes to another status listed in the table, the store will not send its information to ShippingEasy again.

For example, according to the order statuses configuration demonstrated in the snapshot above (Partially Paid -> Awaiting shipment, Paid -> Awaiting payment), an order that gets the Partially Paid status in X-Cart will be sent to ShippingEasy; when this order is marked as Paid, the store won’t send it to ShippingEasy a second time.

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